A generous slice of humble pie will win your readers over

I don’t appreciate rants in blogs or in conversation for that matter.  So I’ll try to keep my vitriol in check for a writing offence that that gets me pretty worked up. Please, please, please be respectful and considerate of  the readers you’re writing for and that includes not bragging about how great your business [...]

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Keep it brief, but don’t spoil a good story

Getting messages across quickly and in simple language is a cardinal rule for business writing. But being too concise with your writing can be a problem. Use too many short sentences and your audience won’t trust you. See what I mean? Use short words too and it gets worse….. Good writing has lots of rules [...]

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Have a bloggin’ good holiday

Welcome to the 26notes blog. You won’t be seeing much action here until January as I’ll be too busy trimming the tree, wrapping gifts and cooking for a lovely horde of guests to be writing blogs and you’ll be too busy to read ’em. In the New Year you can look forward to some tips, [...]

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